The Finger Points

Additional tapping points that are often not included in the EFT Basic Recipe include the finger points. These points can be added to your tapping routine when you encounter stubborn issues, or when you want an easy way to tap anywhere or anytime, even if you’re not tapping on all the other points. Finger tapping… Read more »

Do I Need To Tap On All The Points?

This is definitely a frequently asked question, so if you are wondering about this, you are not alone! The shorter answer is “No.” But I recommend reading the more complete answer below. When Roger Callahan first developed Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the precursor of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), he developed specific tapping instructions for various… Read more »

Tapping Through Times of Change

Ever heard the expression “the only thing that is constant is change?” Well, I am living with that particular constant right now. Changes have saturated my life the past 2 months. Most of the changes are good, some of them less so. But good or bad, change creates stress. Yes, even good changes create stress!… Read more »

Fear of Flying

Recently I was on a flight where a young girl was sitting across the aisle one row up from me. I noticed her hand tighten around the arm rest when the pilot announced we were #1 for take off. Her Mom, sitting right in front of me, reached across the aisle to touch the young… Read more »

5 Ways to Reduce Stress Now

Can you remember a time when you could completely relax and rest even though you were surrounded by work, chores, errand lists, to-do lists, and family demands? Maybe you can let it roll off you easily. Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who can catch a quick power nap anywhere and wake up refreshed… Read more »

Children and EFT Tapping

The past few weeks have been filled with learning, sharing, doing rewarding work, and being grateful. As I’ve been sharing EFT tapping with more children, I see how quickly this powerful tool works. With fewer emotional blockages than most adults, children notice results right away and they’re happy to know they can help themselves with… Read more »

The EFT Basic Recipe

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also called Tapping, is an easy-to-learn self-help tool. Let’s talk about how you can start using it today. Here’s a quick “basic recipe” you can follow to help with just about any bothersome issue. (This is a long-ish post and it just touches the surface of Tapping. If you still have… Read more »

What a Pain in the Neck!

Did you know a person or event can actually be a pain in your neck? True story… The other day I was at home after running some errands and working with technical support on my web server errors, tending the fire in the wood stove. I had done no heavy lifting, no awkward turns of… Read more »