Kind Words

I’ve had 2 sessions with Terry Maluk for different issues. Both times I’ve learned a new natural and holistic way managing stress and certain food cravings. I fall back on these techniques that Terry has taught me whenever I need to. I’m so grateful and appreciative for learning these coping skills for life’s challenges. Thank you Terry!


Dear Terry, Thank you for the beautiful session. I was amazed at the profound results of something seeming to be so simple. Not only did I feel physically better (went from a 10 to a 2), I felt better energetically and emotionally. I highly recommend this technique. And you have a beautiful way of sharing it. You provide a space of acceptance and compassion ready to assist in healing. This was a wonderful gift that kept on giving. I was able to meet the rest of my day with compassion and a deeper sense of well being! Thank you for sharing this!! Much love.


I have tapped with Terry Maluk several times and I am astounded with the positive results she has helped me achieve. One particular session completely turned my year around! By actively listening, Terry was able to discern the core issues that were holding me back. Her guiding wisdom and compassion are invaluable. I highly recommend EFT tapping with Terry.


I have found my 2 sessions very helpful in releasing emotions and being able to move forward. Terry is very intuitive, listens well & integrates my feelings into the EFT process. I appreciate the opportunity to express my negative emotions & then to be able to complete the session feeling more positive & optimistic. It continues to amaze me as to how effective EFT can be. After our last session my feelings shifted- I felt relaxed & more positive which was reflected in my interactions which in turn affected the way my husband interacted with me. Terry has reminded me to integrate gratitude into my daily routine to be more mindful as I go through my day. Terry seems to “really get” how I’m feeling and is able to guide me through my EFT sessions in a calm and thoughtful way. I have been able to guide myself through EFT utilizing what I have learned from Terry to reduce the stress associated with my job and enhance my relationship with my husband!! Thanks, Terry.


Hello Terry, Thank you so much for the wonderful EFT session. Your intuition and insightfulness was spot on. As you know, I called to tap on having more fun in my relationship with my husband. Every week since tapping with you has been better and better. We smile and laugh with each other each day. It is awesome. Many, many, thanks.


Thanks, so much Terry for helping me find a way to let go and focus on the end results. You are doing wonderful work which is much needed and appreciated. I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing and particularly when I pass the test. Blessings to you and your future as you move forward with the gift that can have a profound positive impact on the lives you touch.


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