The Finger Points

Additional tapping points that are often not included in the EFT Basic Recipe include the finger points. These points can be added to your tapping routine when you encounter stubborn issues, or when you want an easy way to tap anywhere or anytime, even if you’re not tapping on all the other points. Finger tapping… Read more »

9 Gamut Procedure

While first studying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), I learned a process called the 9 Gamut Procedure that EFT Founder Gary Craig included in the “Full” Basic Recipe. It involves tapping on a point on the back of the hand and concentrating on the issue being worked on while completing nine “interesting” steps. The 9… Read more »

What a Pain in the Neck!

Did you know a person or event can actually be a pain in your neck? True story… The other day I was at home after running some errands and working with technical support on my web server errors, tending the fire in the wood stove. I had done no heavy lifting, no awkward turns of… Read more »