Heart Breathing

Want to quickly collect your thoughts, feel calmer, and be more fully present? Try using “heart breathing.” It’s a very easy method of releasing stress, helping you feel more grounded and centered. There are several references to heart breathing, but the HeartMath Institute’s description is easiest to understand and the most “heartfelt.” Let’s breathe: Get… Read more »

How I Stop My Migraines

If you suffer from migraines or frequent headaches, you might benefit from my story about how I learned to control them. I was away from home, at the end of a stressful week, subjected to unfamiliar foods, constant exhaust fumes, and uncomfortable situations, both physical and emotional. The day I was to leave, I started… Read more »


Are you a list maker? I love lists. I keep lists of tasks and to-do items, in both electronic and paper form. And I love crossing things off my lists and marking them as complete. If you’re a list person, you know that feeling of satisfaction. I also prioritize items on my list. Items on… Read more »

Out of Doors in Open Air

It has been an interesting and challenging time over the past few weeks and I am thankful for the centering support that daily meditation, breathing, and tapping bring. Last week I spent time preparing for and presenting two workshops about those particular self-care tools. They have guided me smoothly through some life challenges with more… Read more »

I’m Stuck!

An interesting and timely story that has everything to do with trying to create intentions for a New Year… Talking with a friend about setting intentions for an awesome year and she says: “I don’t even know what I want!” Ever feel that way? That can happen when we don’t’ give ourselves some quiet time… Read more »

Do I Need To Tap On All The Points?

This is definitely a frequently asked question, so if you are wondering about this, you are not alone! The shorter answer is “No.” But I recommend reading the more complete answer below. When Roger Callahan first developed Thought Field Therapy (TFT), the precursor of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), he developed specific tapping instructions for various… Read more »

Sugar Cravings

Driving to an appointment recently, I passed by an old haunt of mine, a regional donut shop. Years ago friends and I would head over to this sugary version of paradise late each Monday night after the weekly Irish music session at a local pub. Often the red neon “Hot Now” sign was glowing which… Read more »

Tapping Through Times of Change

Ever heard the expression “the only thing that is constant is change?” Well, I am living with that particular constant right now. Changes have saturated my life the past 2 months. Most of the changes are good, some of them less so. But good or bad, change creates stress. Yes, even good changes create stress!… Read more »

9th Annual Tapping World Summit

How did you discover EFT Tapping? Did you hear about it from a friend or relative, did you see an ad on Facebook or Twitter, or see an online search result for getting relief for some issue? My introduction was from my sweet sister-in-law. She is good about keeping up with new methods to support… Read more »

Fear of Flying

Recently I was on a flight where a young girl was sitting across the aisle one row up from me. I noticed her hand tighten around the arm rest when the pilot announced we were #1 for take off. Her Mom, sitting right in front of me, reached across the aisle to touch the young… Read more »