The Finger Points

Additional tapping points that are often not included in the EFT Basic Recipe include the finger points. These points can be added to your tapping routine when you encounter stubborn issues, or when you want an easy way to tap anywhere or anytime, even if you are not tapping on all the other points. Finger tapping can be a very effective method of easily creating a daily habit of tapping, bringing you benefits each day.

In addition to including it in your regular basic recipe, finger point tapping comes in ‘handy’ ( 🙂 ) if you feel uncomfortable being seen tapping on all the points, such as in a meeting or while you are out for a walk or run. Another time finger tapping is useful is if you are having trouble falling asleep, or having trouble getting back to sleep. Rather than moving around too much, gentle tapping on the fingers yields very good results. With practice, you can even learn to tap on the finger points with the thumb or other fingers of the same hand, minimizing movement. Try it out!

The finger points are in the same location on the thumb and 3 of the fingers, as shown in the image. That point is located at the side of the base of the nail. You may see other diagrams of the finger points that either skip the ring finger or show the ring finger point on the same side as the other fingers. Consistency makes it easier to remember and practice. You can definitely tap either side or even leave out the ring finger and you will still see results. But in actuality, the energy line, or meridian, runs down the other side of the ring finger, in line with the 9 Gamut point. So I usually include the ring finger point in my tapping, and I tap on the opposite side or even both sides of the ring finger.

Remember that EFT Tapping is a very forgiving technique, so don’t worry about getting it exactly right. Follow your intuition and practice what works best for you. Experience the calm and relaxation that the simple technique of finger tapping can provide you.

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