When You Come To A Fork In The Road…

…Tap on it! You knew that was coming, right? 🙂 Seriously though…we all have times when we have divergent paths in our day and indeed even in our life. Decisions range from where to go for lunch or what to wear to the gym, to which school to choose, which career to pursue, whether to… Read more »

How Many Times Do I Tap?

This is definitely one of the frequently asked questions: How many times should I tap on each point? And it’s a great question, especially when you are first learning how to tap. Before I took the different levels of EFT training, I learned how to tap from watching videos and reading blog posts and websites.… Read more »

EFT Basic Recipe

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also called Tapping, is an easy to learn self-help tool. Let’s talk about how you can actually use it today, right now. Here is a quick ‘basic recipe’ that you can follow to help with just about any bothersome issue. (This is a long-ish post and it just touches the surface… Read more »

The EFT Setup Statement

The beauty of EFT is how easy it is to find relief from a variety of issues fairly quickly. Part of a successful EFT session, either on your own or with a trained EFT coach, is the development of a good setup statement. After we recognize and narrow down a specific concern or incident that… Read more »