How Many Times Do I Tap?

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This is definitely one of the frequently asked questions: How many times should I tap on each point? And it’s a great question, especially when you’re first learning how to tap.

Before I trained in the different levels of EFT, I learned how to tap from watching videos and reading blog posts and websites. The most common advice I saw was to tap between 3 and 7 times on each point. This makes it pretty easy to remember while you’re first learning.

Here’s the word from EFT tapping founder Gary Craig: “You tap approximately 5 times on each point. No need to count the taps because anywhere between 3 and 7 taps on each point is adequate. The only exception is during the Setup step where the (Side of the Hand) Point is tapped continuously while you repeat some standard wording.

What I quickly discovered, and you will too, is that the number of times we tap on each point is not critical. It doesn’t have to be the same number each round and it doesn’t need to be the same number of times at each point. It can be as many times as it takes to say your reminder phrase. It can even be zero taps if you are simply touching and breathing at each point.

The important thing is that you’re gently stimulating the energy lines on the body at these acupoints, sending your brain the message that even though there’s this issue, all is well and that it’s safe to relax. Once you finish several rounds of tapping, just as Gary Craig says, you’ll realize you don’t need to count the taps at all. Focus on what is bothering you and let the tapping action become natural to you.

Tapping on a point more times is not necessarily better and it won’t hurt, either. It all depends on you and what feels right for you for the issue that you are dealing with at that moment. If your reminder phrases are long, you’ll be tapping more times. But trust yourself and the process. EFT tapping is a very powerful and flexible tool.

While we’re talking specifics, another related question people ask is “How hard should I tap?” The pressure is up to you, but I recommend tapping gently, especially around the eye points. These are sensitive points along our energy lines and do not need hard pressure in order for tapping to work. Tapping harder is not going to make it work better. Remember that you can also achieve great results by touching or holding these points during your reminder phrases. Experiment! Try tapping on the points, and then try holding the points to see what feels right for you each time.

You can learn more about how you can use EFT tapping by reading my concise, step-by-step book called Emotional Freedom Techniques: The Art of Managing Stress Through EFT Tapping.

Keep Calm and Tap On!

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