What Do You Need Right Now?

People often ask what they can do to feel better in general. Of course I remind them to tap every single day, at least once! And along with the tapping, there is a very simple exercise to help you tune in to yourself and exactly what you need to feel better. One of my coaches… Read more »

Tap Every Day

One thing I’ve noticed since I started tapping is that my days go better and I am definitely in a better frame of mind if I tap every day. People are nicer, I feel better physically, fewer things go wrong, and I smile more. Maybe tapping makes me calmer so things don’t ruffle my feathers… Read more »

Personal Peace

The name just sounds relaxing, right? Personal Peace. What a great goal. With Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or Tapping, personal peace is available to you, using simple yet profoundly powerful methods. EFT Founder Gary Craig created the Personal Peace Procedure to help us clear out years and years of small and not so small negative… Read more »