Sugar Cravings

Driving to an appointment recently, I passed by an old haunt of mine, a regional donut shop. Years ago friends and I would head over to this sugary version of paradise late each Monday night after the weekly Irish music session at a local pub. Often the red neon “Hot Now” sign was glowing which… Read more »

I Gained 6 Pounds?!

Yes, I did. Almost three weeks of family visits generously provided me with a bit of extra padding. A combination of overeating at a cousin’s wedding celebrations, stress eating, feelings of not wanting to offend by not eating, unique chocolate bars, and “oh, I’m on vacation” excuses has packed it on. How do I feel… Read more »

Lose the Stress, Lose Weight

Did you know that when you are stressed, your body has trouble losing weight? Truth. And that’s sad since we seem to spend most of our waking time, and some of our restless sleeping time stressed out. It’s a vicious cycle. Stress activates the part of our brain that signals the need for increased cortisol… Read more »