What Do You Need Right Now?

People often ask what they can do to feel better in general. Of course I remind them to tap every single day, at least once! And along with the tapping, there is a very simple exercise to help you tune in to yourself and exactly what you need to feel better. One of my coaches… Read more »

Let Your Light Shine

We each have a beautifully unique light. We were born with it. Some days it shines so bright it lights up not just our own path, but the paths of many others as well. Some days our light is hidden, maybe recharging, maybe uncertain. Each day we have a choice to shine. Imagine the light… Read more »

Self Acceptance

Remember the setup statement that we use when we start our tapping? It has two parts. As the founder of EFT Gary Craig (emofree.com) describes them, the first part includes our acknowledgement of the specific problem, and the second part affirms our acceptance of ourselves in spite of that problem. Easy, right? “I deeply and… Read more »