Self Acceptance

Remember the setup statement that we use when we start our tapping? It has two parts. As the founder of EFT Gary Craig ( describes them, the first part includes our acknowledgement of the specific problem, and the second part affirms our acceptance of ourselves in spite of that problem. Easy, right? “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” How does it feel to say that out loud? Does it feel true?

Sometimes we get in such a wad about a particular issue that it is hard to say those words out loud, and it might be hard to feel they are true. Maybe it’s always hard to say them. So what if we try something a little different? Consider these options: “Even though I have this problem,

…I am open to someday loving and accepting myself.”
…I am willing to consider loving and accepting myself.”
…I accept my feelings and I’m OK.”
…I can accept myself without judgment.”
…it might be safe to love and accept myself.”
…I choose to try to love and accept myself.”
…I deserve to love and accept myself.”
…I am willing to love and accept myself.”
…I allow myself to accept myself.”
“Even though I have a hard time saying I love and accept myself, I love and accept myself.”

Jedi mind trick, last one is. 😉

So now you have lots of options to choose from, depending on how you are feeling. It’s still important to try to reach the point where you can say something positive about even the possibility of accepting yourself at the end of your setup statement. Maybe keep saying it and eventually it will sink in as truth in your heart. Oh Happy Day!

We all have weaknesses and limitations and we probably all have days when we’re not willing to accept ourselves with our out-loud voice. But if we try first using EFT Tapping on the general feeling of not accepting ourselves, we can relieve some panic and distress, and we can calm ourselves enough to do more specific tapping work. Progress!

Keep Calm and Tap On!

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.