Let Your Light Shine

We each have a beautifully unique light. We were born with it. Some days it shines so bright it lights up not just our own path, but the paths of many others as well. Some days our light is hidden, maybe recharging, maybe uncertain. Each day we have a choice to shine. Imagine the light shining in your heart. Turn your full attention to it so that it glows brighter and stronger with each breath. Recognize and honor your unique light, and choose to share it with the world. We need you!

If your light is simply a sweet, tiny spark today, focus on that spark and help it grow with the following tapping:

Side of the Hand: Even though my light isn’t shining so bright today, I accept myself anyway.
Even though this beautiful light isn’t feeling so beautiful right now, I accept how I feel, and I’m going to be ok.
Even though my light is hiding today, I completely accept myself.

Top of Head (TOH): Hiding my light today
Eyebrow (EB): Hiding my light
Side of the eye (SE): My light isn’t shining much right now
Under the eye (UE): Not so bright today
Under the nose (UN): My not-so-bright light
Chin (Ch): My light is hiding
Collar Bone (CB): My light is hiding today
Under the arm (UA): My beautiful light is hiding today

Take a deep breath and repeat the above round as needed until you are feeling more positive and ready to shine. Then try a round of positive statements to polish it off:

Side of the Hand: Even though my light was hiding, I choose to let it shine now.
Even though my light wasn’t shining so bright before, it’s safe to let it shine now.
Even though my light wasn’t very bright before, it’s getting brighter each moment and I choose to share it with the world now.

TOH: I am shining my light now!
EB: I am shining my light to help brighten the whole world
SE: My light is shining now!
UE: My beautifully unique light
UN: My light is radiant
Ch: It’s safe to share my light
CB: My light is shining bright today
UA: My beautiful light is shining today

Take a breath and notice how you feel.

The world can use each of our unique lights today and everyday. Imagine if we all let our lights shine at once! I choose to shine today and I hope you’ll join me. Together we can light the path for all.

Keep Calm and Tap On!

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.