Happiness Booster

As we go through our days, we often have a list of things that need to get done. Those things might be work projects, school assignments, house chores, or a combination of items. We tackle our list and work hard on one or several things and suddenly we notice that we’ve been working so long and hard that our energy level has dropped. When that happens, we are no longer doing our best thinking. We need a little instant gratification time to help us regain momentum.

One way to find your energy and enthusiasm again is to take a Happiness Booster break. This break will look different for different people. Some might grab a novel for a quick reading break. Some might prefer to listen to music or enjoy a healthy snack. It might be a walk, hike, or some sort of physical exercise. It might be meditation or even a short nap. But whatever it looks like for you, it will help you rebound, be more creative and productive, and even bring joy to your life.

In the awesome book by Tal Ben-Shahar, Choose the Life You Want, 101 Ways to Create Your Own Road to Happiness, he says “The challenge, as it often is, is to find the right balance between delaying gratification, and grabbing it.” Learn to recognize when you’ve gone beyond your optimal production period and grab some instant gratification with a happiness booster. Then you can get back to what you were doing feeling refreshed and renewed.

Start by making a list of ideas for happiness booster breaks that would work well for you, and keep your list handy at first so you can remember what to try. Plan for them. Mix it up, shorten or lengthen the breaks to meet your needs and situation. Experiment. Give yourself permission to take a Happiness Booster break.


“Even though I have no time to take a break right now, I know I’ll be more productive in the long run and I give myself permission to choose joy right now.”

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