Another Trip Around the Sun

image of birthday cake

This week I celebrated my birthday. I’m thankful that I’ve survived this past year, that I am safe and healthy. I’m thankful my 3-member pod includes my sister-in-law Deb who is not only an incredible nature photographer but also an amazing chef. I’m thankful that leftover cake for breakfast has no calories and that I get to create the calorie rules for my birthday cake.

As a birthday gift to myself, I enjoyed a 5-mile walk, alone, on a quiet, snow-covered lake. I gifted myself time to reflect on what the past year has offered that I choose to take with me on my next journey around the sun. Not everything is worthy of keeping, like fear and worry, but some new habits have given me a better life, so I’m keeping them.

Guilt-free quiet time is my favorite new habit. Watching birds, walking in nature, and communicating with loved ones is a top priority for me. The “guilt-free” part of it didn’t happen right away, but with a little practice and EFT tapping, I’ve learned to let go of the guilt. Until 2020, guilt had me running around doing way too much for no apparent reason. I know now it’s okay to be still and breathe with the joy of awareness or to be fully present on a call without multitasking.

Reading other stories of how 2020 has taught people the value of “being” instead of “doing” lets me know there are many of us happily discovering this new habit. I hope we hold onto the ability to be present and content with a simpler life.

Another new habit I learned is letting go of expectations. One thing we’ve all been forced to discover is that things are changing on a momentary basis, including what is known and comfortable. Being open to new norms has been a helpful tool for maintaining happiness. It’s possible to find gratitude and comfort in change.

While I love and miss studio yoga classes, I am definitely keeping online yoga classes in my routine, even after the studios reopen. I love seeing everyone’s pets during practice. I am keeping the habit of being a student again, always learning. And I’m keeping the habit of cooking more, eating healthier while saving money.

I’m simplifying my life and each step feels right and good. I’m prioritizing tasks and goals and choosing again. And “even though I still feel a little guilty sometimes, I accept how I feel and I’m open to letting go of the guilt.” Breathe with awareness, tap, and find gratitude each day. We’ve got this!

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.