Don’t Wait

First, a reminder… Recently I mentioned that now is the time to use those special things you’ve been saving, such as the good dishes and glasses, the nice shirts you always save for special occasions, or the special soap someone gave you. I received some really sweet responses about how true it is that we always save things because they are special but that now people are starting to use that great soap, lighting the unopened candle, and sometimes dressing up a little even when we’re sheltered in at home.

I totally understand the “day pajamas and night pajamas” routine some of us who cannot go to our work or school locations have tried out. Comfort is a good thing! But in the back of our minds, there’s a little guilt thrown in for becoming more sloth-like as the weeks progress. So maybe dress up like you’re going to meet someone for lunch or dinner sometimes if it makes you feel special. Because you are special.

For those on the front lines, you deserve to rock your pajamas all day long when you get a break! Thank you for your service keeping the rest of us healthy, fed, and safe. And for all of us, there is absolutely no better time than the present moment to live like you’re special. Each day is a gift. So use that special soap and enjoy it! Don’t wait.

The chronic stress we’re under is compromising our immune system, clouding our judgment, and keeping us in a downward spiral. So I wanted to remind you of some other things we can all do to lift ourselves out of a slump. You may have seen some of the following suggestions for dealing with stress but they are so important and helpful I’m repeating them here.

Right now there are some things we cannot control or change, but there are still ways we can take back some feeling of control over our lives.

You have the power to break the stress-induced cycle. Try one or more of these:

  • Reach out and connect with friends and family. Everyone benefits.
  • Create a limit to the amount of news you consume Hearing the same facts and figures and projections over and over does not make you any safer. If there’s one specific item you need to know, search for that item and avoid browsing all the drama and inflammatory news.
  • Choose healthy foods. It’s so easy to get caught in the carbohydrate vortex, which only saps your energy and makes you feel guilty. Fresh fruit and veggies save the day and your health.
  • Pay attention to how you feel. This is a good time to start a meditation practice, if only for 3 minutes.
  • Breathe. Take 2 minutes to take slow, comfortably deep breaths.
  • Get outside, go for a walk or a bike ride or something that moves your body.
  • Take an online exercise or yoga class from the comfort of your own home as another way to bring your energy level up. I have a feeling this new trend of online opportunities is here to stay, at least as an option.
  • Use EFT tapping to reduce the stress of how you’re feeling. “Even though the world is a scary place right now and I don’t know what to do, I accept myself anyway. Even though I’m scared because life has changed so much, I accept how I feel. Even though I feel this fear in my body, I accept how I feel and I thank my body for trying to keep me safe.” Tap and talk about your feelings and notice what happens. Daily tapping can keep your spirits up as you feel more relaxed. It really is okay and safe to relax.
  • With your increased activity level and EFT tapping, you can naturally ease into better sleep habits. Even if you are on night shifts, try to plan a healthy sleep pattern. A regular schedule will help your body recognize the time to start winding down. It’s frustrating when you can’t fall asleep, but at least allow yourself to rest. Listen to sleep-inducing music or meditations. Close your eyes. Breathe. Use the EFT finger points to feel calmer. And just allow yourself to rest.
  • Find Gratitude. No matter what ordeals you are facing right now, you can always find one thing that’s good. Dig deep if needed to look for one thing to be thankful for, and then others will start to show up. Don’t take anything for granted. Gratitude can change everything.
  • Download my free eBook Ten Habits to Help You Break Up With Stress for other ideas.

You don’t need to do everything on this list. Choose one thing. Take one breath. Find your own way and know that you have the power to turn your day around by choosing how you feel. You’re in control of your reactions to each moment in life.

Remember, don’t wait.

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.