I’m Stuck!

An interesting and timely story that has everything to do with trying to create intentions for a New Year…

Talking with a friend about setting intentions for an awesome year and she says: “I don’t even know what I want!” Ever feel that way? That can happen when we don’t’ give ourselves some quiet time and space to ask ourselves what we want, and then be still and listen. These are both really important steps. First ask. Then listen.

OK so what if it’s still just crickets? Nothing comes up. What do I do with this uncomfortable silence? EFT Tapping comes in handy to encourage us to relax so that thoughts, ideas, and feelings can surface.

You can start tapping on all the points without saying a word! Just tap on all the points in the Basic Recipe to start feeling more relaxed.

Or you can start with tapping on “I don’t know.” Really! Your setup statement might sound like this: “Even though I just don’t know, I accept myself anyway.” And your reminder statements can be as simple as “I don’t know.” As you tap, your words will come and you can start creating your own statements that describe exactly how you feel. Write down what comes up: ideas, feelings, emotions, what you want, what you don’t want, what worked for you this year, what didn’t.

Great! Now you might have some ideas on intentions you’d like to set, and maybe even some basic plans on how to reach your goals. But then you don’t start on those plans, or you don’t even find the time to start planning how to get from point A to point B. Your next step is to use EFT Tapping on feeling stuck.

Setup statements can be as simple as “Even though I feel stuck and I just can’t get going on my plans, I accept myself anyway. Even though I’m stuck, and it makes me feel frustrated, that’s just the way it is for me right now. Even though I don’t know how to start, I’m alright, and I’m open to figuring it out.” Again, use your own specific words as soon as you have them. Those will definitely work better for you. Create your reminder phrases, tap on the other points, and write down what comes up.

My friend’s next stopping point was: “When I tap on feeling stuck, I start to get angry!” So we talked about exactly what the anger felt like and where she felt it (“red hot anger in my chest”). Then we tapped on that, using her exact words. Tapping down the anger led to shifting emotions, and things like resentment, sadness, and feeling powerless came up.

These are all common emotions when it comes to feeling stuck. Others might be frustration, feeling not good enough, fear of failure, etc. Each of these feelings can be neutralized with EFT Tapping so that you can move forward toward your goals. Tap them down one at a time, checking in with yourself as you go to make sure the previous emotions haven’t come back.

The statement that created the lightbulb moment for my friend? I love this one: “Even though I don’t feel strong enough to make this change right now, I’m OK, and I’m open to starting to take my power back.” Woah! This is big! Say that out loud. How does that feel to you?

Other questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck:

What might happen if I reach this goal?
What if I fail?
Who will I be if my intentions become real?
What will others think or say?

Those are just a small sample of the many things we can consider when it comes to being stuck while creating and making progress toward our goals. Write down your answers to those questions and tap about any that have emotional intensity for you: what do you feel, where do you feel it, and how intense is it?

A few minutes of tapping each day will bring clarity to identifying, planning, and reaching your goals. One of my intentions is to tap every single day, even if it’s without words, to keep myself from being stuck! I hope you give yourself the gift of using EFT Tapping each day too! You’ll be amazed at how it helps with so many things.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Yours! All my Best, Terry

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.