Ever have a ‘gut feeling’ about something? Ever get an instant feeling of comfort or discomfort with someone new when they walk into a room? We all have a natural intuitive ability that we can connect with to varying degrees, leading to those gut feelings about people and situations. Do you trust those feelings?

A series of ‘random’ events in my life recently…

In her weekly email, one of my amazing writing coaches, Lori Snyder, offered a quote that I’ve chosen to read first thing each morning ever since: “Trust this chapter of your life.” The quote is from inspirational writer Lalah Delia. Keyword: Trust.

Another quote from baby doctor Benjamin Spock that crossed my path recently and caught my attention: “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” Keyword: Trust.

And at a recent EFT coaching retreat, intuitive Candice Thomas spoke about how to tap into our own intuition as a way to further help clients as well as ourselves as we navigate this thing called life. The only word she wrote down and then underlined with two beautiful wavy lines was “Trust.” I can still see that word on the flip chart. Keyword: Trust.

Sometimes it takes hearing or seeing a common theme three times before I finally wake up. These magically connected messages bring home the point of trusting that I can and will see or receive what I need in order to move forward, to learn, to be a better being in this world. I can trust myself and my gut feelings, my intuition. The random quotes and events that I experienced regarding trust offer me comfort, support, encouragement, hope, and gratitude. And I know this is my lesson right now. With daily practice and EFT tapping, I will become better at noticing, allowing, and trusting my intuition more naturally.

Interested in trusting your intuition more? At first, it might seem hard, but we all really do have the ability to be intuitive. Practicing a round or two of tapping can help the process of gaining trust in yourself. For example, something along the lines of…

Side of the Hand: Even though I don’t trust my intuition, I accept myself and I’m open to listening in.
Even though I don’t trust my intuition, because I’ve been wrong before, I’m open to trying again and noticing what happens.
Even though I don’t really trust my intuition, maybe it’s safe to start now, and I’m willing to try again.

Top of the Head: I don’t trust my intuition.
Eyebrow: I don’t see any of those signs others see.
Side of the Eye: Everybody else seems to get helpful messages.
Under the Eye: But not me.
Under the Nose: And if I do, I don’t trust myself to listen.
Under the Mouth: It’s not safe to trust myself.
Collarbone: What if I get it wrong?
Under the Arm: How can I be sure?

Take a slow breath and notice if any memories or thoughts came to mind from that one round of tapping. If not, repeat this general tapping for another round or two, substituting your own words for best results. If thoughts come to the surface, tap on the memory or event to remove any negative energy around trusting your intuition. Then move forward with some tapping about accepting that it’s safe to trust your intuition.

Change is a constant in life. And that can be okay. I find that during tough times, I use tapping to increase my ability to accept and to trust that the right things will happen. I’m learning to trust that I’ll know what to do when the time is right. I’m learning to slow down, take a calming breath, connect with my heart and ask, “what is in the highest and best interest for all involved right now?” Then in silence, I listen deeply for guidance. And I’m learning to TRUST the answer.

How will I know it’s the right choice? Because it’s the choice I made. This doesn’t mean that all with be sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows all the time. Sometimes lessons come in difficult ways, and I trust that the lessons will bring me further along on my path. Goodness knows over the years my path has had some interesting twists and turns that ultimately bring a lesson. But they have all brought me to where I am today, and for that I am thankful.

Use EFT tapping to become more comfortable with trusting yourself and your intuition. Quiet time sitting in meditation each day can also help. And if you’re serious about developing your intuition, contact a master intuitive for instruction or guidance. I can recommend several beautiful souls. Enjoy your unique journey.

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.