Today is Day 10 of our 2-week ‘visit the family’ road trip where we leave South Carolina to drive the perimeter of Florida to see friends, my Aunt and cousin, nephews, niece, great-nephews and great-nieces, and my brother and sister. It has been a whirlwind tour trying to coordinate time to see everyone during their busy lives while keeping a somewhat efficient route to conserve gas and miles. It has been wonderfully exhausting.

Our visit this year coordinated almost exactly with the 8th Annual Tapping World Summit, where different free presentations are provided each day for 24 hours. Each day focuses on a different topic with free tapping and meditations along the way. It has been remarkable. And while at first I was unsure how I’d keep up with listening to 2+ hours of tapping presentations each day and still visit with family, the tapping opportunities have been perfectly timed to help me through some of the rough spots. And for that I am profoundly Thankful.

All families have some touchy relationships and history and mine is no exception. I have found my body acting out a few times with sudden aches and pains. Between my previous tapping training and the new presentations by the experts on the World Summit, I have been amused and grateful to find relief almost instantly to each of my body’s protests.

The most valuable thing the Summit has taught me thus far this year is to stop pushing away anything negative, from physical pain to negative emotions. Instead, I have learned to acknowledge them and learn from them. Even to literally ask them what they want and need.

I’ve learned the amazing and sometimes amusing value of metaphors. When I woke up one morning and my neck wouldn’t turn, I tapped on the physical pain to relieve it and then kept tapping to see what would come up. After several different approaches, I finally learned from my pain that there was something that I just didn’t want to see, so I couldn’t turn my head to look. I promised my body and soul that it was safe to look and that I now had the strength to face what I needed to that day. What used to be a week-long crick released within an hour of tapping work. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 🙂 I so love tapping and the inner wisdom that it allows to come forward. And I am grateful every day.

I highly recommend that you try simple tapping each day to see what comes up for you. You’ll be amazed how you can calm the body and mind and see what you need. It’s so simple and so powerful. If you need help with what to say, I’m here.

The Summit was awesome and if you didn’t get a chance to join for the presentations, you can still purchase downloads or CDs by visiting The Tapping Solution. Enjoy.

Keep Calm and Tap On!

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.