I Can’t Release This Stress

sign that says I Can't Release This Stress

Living in a chronic state of stress doesn’t feel good. It affects our short- and long-term health, immune response, eating patterns and digestion, relationships, and sleep; it affects everything. If there’s a way out of the stressful situation, we’ll usually take it.

I heard from a client that she wasn’t regularly practicing the simple stress-relief techniques that she had learned in our sessions. And the reason wasn’t obvious right away.

But by using EFT tapping, we got to the core of the issue so she could find relief and help her coworkers all at the same time.

“Pam” (not her real name) is a nurse. As you can imagine, the stress she faces during the pandemic has been overwhelming. Thankfully she set aside time to seek support, and we worked together for a few weeks. She quickly learned easy ways to calm down and find peace, even while working, along with some daily practices that helped her keep stress under control all day.

As soon as she began to practice these tools regularly, she reported sleeping better and feeling better about going into work, as well as feeling calmer and being able to react better during her shifts.

But the next time we spoke, Pam reported that she hadn’t been using the tools!  She’d procrastinate until she had no time, or she’d “forget” to practice, even knowing how much better she felt when she did practice.

At our next session, we used simple breathing techniques together and then tapped to figure out what was going on:

“Even though I forget to practice, I accept myself anyway.
Even though I keep meaning to tap, but I don’t, I’m ready to figure this out.
Even though I know it helps me when I use these tools, but I still don’t, I’m open to learning why.”

As we tapped through the points with reminder phrases like “I forgot to tap again. I didn’t take time to practice,” her face suddenly changed. I asked her what had come up. She said, “It feels unfair that I can feel better when my coworkers are still suffering. I can’t release this stress because it’s not fair to them.”

Wow! What an amazing insight into what was holding her back from practicing. We then tapped on that.

“Even though it feels unfair for me to release this stress, I accept myself anyway.
Even though I can’t release this stress because my coworkers can’t release their stress, I’m okay.
Even though I won’t release this stress because it feels unfair, maybe I can look at this in a new way.”

We tapped and repeated, “I can’t release this stress. I WON’T release this stress” at all the tapping points. We started another round of tapping: “How can I when everyone around me is stressed? I shouldn’t release this stress. I WON’T release this stress.” Then she started smiling and said, “That seems silly to me now.” We took a slow, calming breath together. Her intensity had gone from an 8 to a 0!

We then tapped on some positive statements:

“It might be okay to release some of this stress.
I know I’m better at work and home when I’m calmer.
I can react faster when I’m not so wound up.
It feels safe now for me to release this stress.
And I’ll share my new tools with my coworkers so we’ll all feel better.”

Pam had decided she would set an example for her coworkers. She emailed me the next week to say that she was sleeping better and that even though her work was still very stressful, she and her coworkers were handling the stress better.

One of the many beautiful things about EFT tapping is that insights arise as we tap. By calming the brain with tapping and talking, we gain clarity and get to the root of the issue to release it easily and gently.

EFT works.

Many thanks to healthcare providers everywhere. You are amazing.

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.