Discovering Old Programs and Creating New Ones

We have been camping at a nice facility in South Carolina, enjoying amazing views of sunrises, sunsets, and moonsets across rolling hills of old pastures. Wildlife wanders through from time to time, and on the way out of the property, there are cows and a couple of mules in a fenced pasture. It’s quiet, dark, low density, and the management is great.

There are walking trails through the woods and along a small creek as it winds down to a big meandering river. There is a lovely pond down the hill and we saw one campsite by itself right next to the pond. We remarked about how that was the best site on the property and wondered who got to stay on that one!

Yesterday the manager came to ask if we could move to a different spot because an incoming camper needed a pull-through site and we don’t. And guess which site he gave us? Yep, the best one on the property right next to the pond.

We are so thankful to be parked near the water. As the sun was setting, three deer walked through the little meadow between our camper and the pond. There are many more birds here at this site. And then I started to feel a little guilty about having the best spot on the property.

Old programs started running in my head: “Who are YOU to deserve the best spot? People are going to be resentful when they see you because you got the best spot. They won’t like you anymore. Somebody else deserves this spot more than you do.”

As I mindfully observed these thoughts, I was able to objectively step back and keep from getting caught up in the old story. That program is no longer useful and isn’t serving me or anyone else. I started tapping right away, working through all the feelings that held a negative charge. It all came down to the old belief that  “I’m not good enough.” I spent about 15 minutes tapping through that and came out smiling.

An important point of this story is that when we practice tapping, breathing, or meditating often, even daily or multiple times daily, we are able to more easily recognize unhelpful old programs when they start running and take an objective step back. We can be the unbiased witness and see through the old programs that have been running in the background. We shine the light on them. And we can create new programs that serve us better today. As with everything, this becomes easier with practice.

Keep Calm and Tap On!

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