It’s Easy to Relax in Paradise!

You know the saying “It’s easy to be a guru on a mountain top”? How about this one: “It’s easy to relax in paradise”? 🙂 While I haven’t been able to establish guru status on a remote mountain somewhere, I have recently found myself unexpectedly in paradise in Bali!

First, I am thankful. Bali has always been on my dream list. I didn’t expect to get there so quickly, and for that I am grateful. Second, the hotel where we spent a full week provided everything needed for someone to fully relax while feeling completely safe and cared for. Off the beaten path of tourists and nonstop traffic, we were secluded in a place so beautiful it took my breath each time I looked out the window. Our view was of a beach with gentle waves, 4 tides each day, tiny fishing boats with nets one person managed, locals living life, the sound of palm fronds, and a variety of local food options with an emphasis on some amazing fruit!

And to round it all out, there was such a gentle, nurturing energy from the people and the space that it was really easy to relax in this paradise we had stumbled upon. I found my joy, my happy place! I could stare out at that water and lose all track of time and any worries I thought I had.

When we’re surrounded by the sounds of nature and our own quiet breath, beauty that we can choose to really see and appreciate, with no sudden demands for our time and attention, able to focus on our thoughts and feelings to sort things out, we are better able let it all go and acknowledge what really matters. I hope each of you has been blessed with even one moment of such relaxing bliss.

Ah, but then it was time to leave…the coming back to daily life of more doing and less being, more reaction and less intentional action. This is where we get caught up in old habits and stressors, and habitual reactions to those stressors. But what if we could carry with us a memory, a commitment even, to choose again? What if we each knew methods that work for us to find that quiet space of calm? What if we could easily bring back the relaxed and easy feeling any time we needed to? What if we could memorize the feeling of being completely relaxed so it’s easier to get there again?

During my time in paradise, I remembered what true relaxation felt like. I became familiar with that feeling again. Even though I’m pretty good at using all the tools I’ve learned to find calm again, this experience reminded me how much deeper I can relax when I really let it all go. I’ve committed myself to using the simple methods that allow me to find peace again, anytime, anywhere, so that I am better resourced to intentionally handle daily life with confidence and calm

And I am thankful.

If you’d like to experience one of the tools I use to quickly find calm, a guided relaxation through awareness of body and breath, I invite you to download my free stress relief audio. Give yourself the gift of 7 minutes to go from stressed to calm. And I’d love your feedback on the audio!

Keep Calm and Tap On!

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