How to Find Peace in a Noisy World

image of woman staring at laptop

Am I the only one that does this? I open a new tab in a browser to go to a website and I’m immediately distracted by the cute Google Doodle. I click on it to learn more, which is exactly what they knew I’d do. In so doing, I completely forget my reason for opening the new tab. Maybe it wasn’t all that important anyway, but now Google knows that when they show me a cute Doodle, I’ll click on it. I fell for the clickbait.

Looking at the endless ads in my Facebook feed and on the sidebars is another type of clickbait. You know, the ones that are somehow exactly what you needed and had just searched for earlier? Yes, Facebook knows all. And when you click on them, you’re tagged for future ads that make Facebook tons of money each time you click on them, or even see them.

Then there’s the constant stream of “ding” alert notifications from our phones, tablets, watches, and laptops, to name a few of our digital devices of choice. Each wants our attention because we can help them make money.

Being bombarded by all these distractions only adds to our stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. It’s just too much. But you can take back control.

Today I’m offering you the #1 first step toward a calmer and more peaceful life in a world of digital noise.

#1 Decrease Digital Distractions

Everyone has been preaching this for years, but it’s especially important right now. Do you want to feel calmer every day? You can. It’s simple, yet not always easy. And the payoff is HUGE.

Turn off (or decrease the number of) notifications on your digital devices. This is one of the most important steps you can take to lowering the overall noise level and finding peace of mind.

Stay with me here…

Does that feel scary? It’s because you’ve become addicted to the noise and the release of dopamine when someone “likes” your post. If your first reaction is “I could never do that,” ask yourself “Why not?” And listen to your answers. Don’t give up before you even start.

You can use EFT tapping about how it makes you feel when you think about turning off notifications on your devices.

Three setup statements on the side of the hand, saying something like:

Even though I’ll feel lost if I don’t know when my friends post something or when they react to my posts, I accept how I feel and I’ll be okay.

Then tap through the other eight points with words about how it makes you feel:

This tightness in my throat.

This empty feeling in my gut.

What if HE sees it and comments and I miss it?!

Whatever you’re feeling, just say it in words while you’re tapping. Then check in with yourself to see how you feel about turning off at least one notification. A little better? Are you willing to at least try?

Two weeks ago I couldn’t imagine not checking Facebook about 30 times a day. Seriously. Now with my notifications off, I remind myself to check my business page on Facebook once or twice a day. And I feel so much better. It feels great not getting caught up in the drama.

Give it a try for three days. See how you feel. Tap as needed to feel better. And let me know how it goes.

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.