Surrogate Tapping…

… or Tapping On Yourself To Help Others

From EFT Founder Gary Craig “You are doing Surrogate EFT when you tap on yourself for another person’s issue, whether or not they are present.” This is a very simple and really interesting way to use EFT Tapping. It does sound confusing at first, but I have had great experiences showing how well it works.

Gene Monterastelli suggests a two-step process which I really like. First, we tap for what we are feeling about the other person (or people). Today, I am practicing surrogate tapping for friends and family in the path of a storm. When I ask myself what I’m feeling, and tune in to that, I realize I’m anxious and scared for them, and I feel that as nausea in my stomach. So first I practice tapping on myself for myself using the basic recipe. Doing this is not selfish but rather puts me in a much better place to tap for others. It also ‘connects’ me to the energy of those I am tapping for when I connect with my own feelings about them.

Then, I tune in to what the other person might be experiencing, using the mental or energetic connection I created while tapping on my own emotions about the situation. I imagine the emotions the other person is going through. And I tap on that. In this situation, it’s easy to imagine what they are going through since I grew up in an area with frequent storms. I remember how that feels. And I tap on those emotions: fear, frustration, feeling hopeless. But if you don’t feel like you can connect, simply imagine you are them and tap on yourself for them. It’s all good. You don’t need ‘permission’ from them to tap for them because tapping will do no harm to them. As Gary Craig says, the worst that can happen is it does nothing.

Surrogate tapping for others to release the negative emotions they are experiencing is a gift you can offer easily and freely. They may or may not feel immediate relief from their negative emotions, but they will likely feel calmer, helping them to make the best decisions possible in their situation. Many people have used it and gotten great results, as reported by those they were tapping for. Gary Craig reports about an 80% success rate when doing surrogate tapping for crying babies on airplanes! I have found that surrogate tapping for both the stressed-out parent and the crying child in that situation helps almost immediately. When the parent is calmer, the child senses that and feels calmer.

The benefits of surrogate tapping are many: it’s a way we can calm ourselves about a situation, it’s helping us connect with others in a positive way, and it’s being of service to them. A win-win. Why not try it? Let me know if you have any suggestions on other ways to use surrogate tapping.

Keep Calm and Tap On!

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