Take It Outside!

Last week I had several opportunities presented to me to get outside for various reasons. I didn’t think I should take all that time away from my extensive to-do list, but taking those opportunities when they came up turned out to be such a stress-reducing gift.

On Tuesday my daughter had some time available so we hiked 2 sections of the Foothills Trail. It was great! We took our time, had lunch on the trail, and hiked almost 9 miles that day. The picture above is from one of the overlooks. What an amazing stress release hiking in the woods can be!

Another opportunity came from a friend who was going to the lake for stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) and she had 2 extra boards available. Why not? My daughter and granddaughter came along so we had 3 generations on SUPs. The weather was perfect, we had a beautiful sunset paddle, and nobody fell in! Laughter, time with family and friends, and being outdoors left me centered and relaxed.

Then there was a chance to give back at a nearby State Park on Saturday morning by helping out with new plantings, weeding, painting, and trail maintenance. There were about 40 volunteers and the energy was so positive. The organizers had lunch for us, including chocolate cake! It was definitely a win-win for the Park and the volunteers. New friends were made and time outside in the woods being of service was rewarding and relaxing. I think I even burned off enough calories to cover that piece of chocolate cake!

Looking back on my very full week, I realize that the simple act of getting outside, being in nature, breathing more fully, and being grateful helped reduce my stress levels significantly. Each day when I came back to my to-do list, it was with a smile and renewed energy and I was very productive.

Looking for another way to relax and reduce your stress? I highly recommend you Take it Outside every chance you get.

Keep Calm and Tap On!

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