Finding Calm

For years I worked in the fast-paced technology field, loving the adrenaline rush of keeping up with the daily changes in applications and security, hardware and software, contracts, and terminology. I loved working with an amazing team who broke new ground on a constant basis providing highly valuable services. Those were good days.

Over time, budgets started to get tighter, it was harder to get approval for needed resources, and upper management was becoming more removed from the reality of daily operations and less understanding of what it took to keep things running in an efficient and secure manner. Looking back, I recognize this was when I started experiencing physical symptoms that I didn’t know were related to my stress.

Eventually, I started struggling. I was working more hours under more pressure and having less fun. I let my work life intrude on my home and family life because I couldn’t set healthy boundaries. Headaches became chronic migraines, low back pain started limiting my activities, and I was waking up at 2 am worried about work.

The chronic stress of ever-changing priorities and demands was taking its toll on my body and my happiness. When I started having chest pains, my doctor told me it was critical that I find a way to relieve the constant stress I was under.

I did the work to find and learn a variety of stress relief techniques. At first, I worked on my own to relieve the physical pain, and then I found a few good teachers and coaches who showed me exactly how to use time-honored and leading-edge techniques with quick and amazing success. They helped guide me as I was able to dig deeper into the underlying causes of my pain. Relieving this pain by reducing chronic stress allowed me to get back to enjoying the things I love to do, like hiking in the mountains, traveling, and scuba diving.

And that is how my journey as a Stress Relief Specialist began! After a few years of trial and error, training and practice, I customized my very own stress relief toolbox with all the techniques that helped me to reduce and manage my stress triggers both at work and in the rest of my life. Because one size doesn’t always fit all.

Here’s what’s true: Chronic stress will cause damage to your body and to your quality of life. AND you can do something about it.

Do these techniques really work? Yes! Evidence-based studies prove that these tools work to relieve stress. And now I enjoy sharing these tools with others so that they can learn and customize them. They’ve helped hundreds of people go from stressed to calm quickly and easily. I know these tools can help you too.

For all who are suffering from the effects of chronic stress, I’ve been there. I share my story here so that you can find relief quicker than I did. If stress relief sounds like something you can use, taking the first step is easier than you think. Simply download my free audio: “Go From Stressed to Calm in 7 Minutes.” You CAN change your life, starting right now.

Please remember: It's important to contact a professional if things feel too big for you, whether it be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or certified EFT practitioner. Never discontinue your current medications without first consulting your doctor.