Because you're here, I'm guessing that stress management is important to you. I'd like to share with you the next step you can take to make stress relief part of your daily life. I know your time is limited, so I'll be quick!

First, let me ask

  • Are you exhausted because of nonstop demands at work?
  • Are you frustrated because a decrease in staff means an increase in your workload?
  • Are you overwhelmed because you take care of everyone else and there's no time for you?

If any of those sound true to you, you'll want to hear this.

What if I told you there are 3 quick and easy ways to REDUCE YOUR STRESS at work and at home? These three methods each send a CALMING signal to the brain – they’ve been scientifically proven to calm your brain, and lower your stress. And they each work quickly, which means your overbooked schedule won’t be crushed.

I’m here to tell you how you can get these 3 tools, but first let me introduce myself. I’m Terry Maluk, creator of From Stressed to Calm. And I’ve been there.

My story is probably a lot like yours. I worked for years in a fast-paced professional field, always rushing, always exhausted. I worked with a great team bringing much-need services to many.

Over time, demands increased while staffing decreased and we were all working harder than ever. Looking back, I recognize this was when I started experiencing physical symptoms that I didn’t know were related to chronic stress.

I let my work life intrude on my home and family life because I couldn’t set healthy boundaries.

I was taking care of everyone and everything else, but not taking care of myself.

Headaches became chronic migraines, low back pain started limiting my activities. I was waking up at 2 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Sound familiar?

The chronic stress of ever-changing priorities and demands was taking its toll on my body and my happiness. When I started having chest pains, my doctor gave me unexpected news, and I realized it was critical for me to find a way to relieve the constant stress I was under.

After researching the topic at length, I found and learned a variety of stress relief techniques. At first, I worked on my own to relieve the physical pain, and then I found some great teachers and coaches. They showed me exactly how to use several time-honored and leading-edge techniques with quick and amazing SUCCESS.

They guided me as I was able to dig deeper into the underlying causes of my pain.

I customized my very own Stress Relief Toolbox, because one size doesn’t always fit all. And I used these techniques to manage my stress triggers at work, and in the rest of my life.

By reducing my chronic STRESS, I reduced my PAIN and started to rest better.

That allowed me to get back to enjoying the things I love to do.

And so began my journey as a Stress Relief Specialist. I started sharing what I learned with others to help them customize these easy stress-relief techniques for themselves.

HERE'S WHAT'S TRUE: Chronic stress will cause damage to your body and to your quality of life. AND you CAN do something about it.

Emmi M

"I've learned new ways of managing stress... I fall back on these techniques whenever I need to. I'm so grateful and appreciative for learning these coping skills." - Emmi M

Do these techniques really work? Absolutely!

Research and evidence-based studies prove that these tools work to relieve stress. I've helped hundreds of women go from stressed to calm quickly and easily. And I know these tools can help you too.

If you're suffering from the effects of chronic stress, I hear you. I share my story so you know help is available. If stress relief is important to you, I want to share a solution I’ve created to help you get that relief.

It's called The Lunchtime Reboot.

When you're having a stressful day and you know it's just going downhill, the Lunchtime Reboot can help you turn it around.

  • Gain the techniques you can use any time to reduce and manage stress triggers at work and in your daily life.
  • Learn to manage your stress so that you are functioning better while on, and off, the clock.
  • Ramp up your productivity each day with a stress relief toolkit that allows you to get more done in less time.
  • Reduce any stress-related physical pain so you can continue to do the things you love to do!
  • Go into the rest of the day calmer, more resourceful, better able to work with your team, and able to handle whatever comes at you with calm, clarity, and confidence.
Melissa H

"I was amazed at the profound results of something seeming to be so simple. Not only did I feel physically better, I felt better energetically and emotionally. I highly recommend these techniques." - Melissa H

This information is normally available in one of my $2000 programs, or in private coaching with me. But I'm making it available now for only $17! If that sounds like a crazy low price for tools and techniques that will reduce your stress quickly, you're right. And here's why I'm doing it. If you're someone who can read and listen to information and take action, I know you'll be able to reduce your stress with these tools. And I want to give you that opportunity.

If you're feeling constantly stressed out, and you feel like you don't even have the time to do anything about it, then this is your ideal next step. Click the button below to get started right away.

And when you sign up for the Lunchtime Reboot, you'll get two helpful bonuses:



If you suffer from stress-related headaches or migraines, you'll be happy to know there's a simple technique you can use to reduce or eliminate them. I've used this and it really works!



You'll get step-by-step instructions so you can start this amazing process that helps you get to the root of your long-term stress and let it go!

Carol G

"This practice helps me to zero in on things that bog me down, preventing me from moving ahead in a positive state of mind. It helps me maintain balance and peace in my life." - Carol G

I’ve been where you are. I know what chronic stress feels like. Using these tools, I was able to relieve my stress and get my life back without spending hours each day on complicated techniques. If you're suffering from the effects of chronic stress, the Lunchtime Reboot gives you a combination of time-honored and leading-edge, scientifically-proven tools to reduce your stress. And you'll see results right away.

"I knew that I needed help with stress, but didn't feel like I could spare even a few minutes a day. Terry taught me how to use several techniques that helped me to regain balance in my life. I know that I can simply pull out one of these tools on my stressful days and I will be OK" - Marie S.

Because I'm so certain that these tools will help you, I'm giving you my unconditional money-back guarantee. After you receive and practice with the handouts, audios and bonuses, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just email me. I'll refund every penny right away. No questions asked. You can even keep the handouts, audios and bonuses as my gift. So, there's no risk! Click the button below to get started. I look forward to hearing how much better you feel.